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Wednesday – Sunday 4th October  – 8th October 2023


Krav Maga Academy/Oslo Fight Center, in the middle of Oslo.

Completely new and modern location, Norway´s biggest Krav Maga club with fantastic facilities. 
Easily accessible: Five minutes walk from the subway. Bus stop outside the door.

Location Share your hotel room and the bill? Stay for free at the center?
Preferred hotel: Scandic Oslo Helsfyr, great hotel with discounted prices. Five minutes walk to the training location. 

We will send you hotel deal details.

We have a "roomie service" for you if you wish to share hotel room with another of the camp participants!
Let us know if you wish to share with others and we will let you know who else wishes to share room!


We recommed staying at Scandic hotel; better sleep, better relaxing, better training, better you 🙂

Apart from that, our training center has excellent facilities and you are welcome to stay there. Cooking options are not very good. 

Camp for beginners and advanced

Krav Maga is a modern and leading self-defense system that is based on your natural reactions under stress and with an emphasis on natural, uncomplicated movements. Krav Maga is suitable for everyone, and the training is adapted to each individual.